Amortization Schedule Calculator: Easy and Faster way to Drive Results

Amortization Schedule Calculator

Amortization is an accounting term that refers to the process of allocating the cost of intangible asset over a fixed term. It also refers to paying off debt with a fixed repayment scheduled in regular installments.

Traits of Amortization:

The primary advantage of amortization is tax deduction in the current tax year even if you did not pay for the asset.

If you have expectations regarding a rise in your income, you can simply use the straight line method instead of an accelerated method, to save yourself for future years.

How do you calculate an amortization schedule?

Amortization calculator estimates and breaks down payments into interest and principal. It also provides a detailed amortization schedule if you click “Advanced report”. When businesses amortize expenses, it helps tie the cost of the asset with the revenues it generates.

Mortgage Amortization

Currently, Amortization Schedule Calculator is one of the popular financial calculators which can control the loan and first payment dates. Borrowers and lenders usually use amortization schedules for installment loans (typically a mortgage) that have payoff dates.

To calculate how much of your payment go towards principal and interest separately, fill the basic details like Mortgage amount, mortgage term in years, or use the alternate option of entering information regarding terms in months, interest rate per year and mortgage start date. Once you have finished filling the details, click on ‘Show Amortization Schedule’ and get complete mortgage amortization schedule along with payment table highlighting monthly interest and principle payments.

What happens when the scheduled payments paid are less than the interest due?

When a payment is made less than the interest charge due, the delayed interest is added to the principal balance, creating negative amortization. When this occurs and the negative amortization limit is reached, the loan’s payment is triggered so as to establish a new amortization schedule.


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