Everything you need to know about Real Estate Investment


Real estate is on a boom since a decade ago. Real estate has led many people to achieve their dream of living in a beautiful home in a place that they like. It has gotten very easy to buy a house in any locality you want. In Toronto area just searching, Find an agent in Canada on Google or Homula gives you a list of options to choose from. The market has enough for everyone’s liking and to find a realtor, as Toronto and Vancouver are one of the strongest real estate markets for investments in Canada.

There are however many things to consider before buying or selling your house. In today’s competitive market, every aspect of the business should be looked upon and weighed so that you make the best decision possible. Here’s a list of some Do’s and Don’ts that a person needs to consider before buying or selling a real estate property.


Six Do’s and Don’ts in Real Estate Investment


  • Do proper research before making any decision

Researching is the most important aspect of any real estate investment. Having a clear idea of the investment and its value is the way to go about any deal. There are many people in this field who have to bear the loss and in most cases, it is due to not enough research which makes the investment become an expensive mistake.

  • Study the surrounding area and its potential

Studying the neighborhood is very important to have an idea of the type of demographics in the area. To find a house for sale in Toronto, buyer needs to have a knowledge about the type of people living in the area and the kind of houses available in it.

  • Keep the emotions in check.

It happens most often when the house you’re looking for won’t have a price that you desire.  In additional, due to market conditions and lack of inventory, buyers get over excited about a property. This often results in people making wrong decisions. For doing good business, emotions such as anger and sadness or excitement should be kept in check.


  • Rushing into a deal.

While looking at condos for sale in Ontario, a moment may come when you think the deal is perfect and would jump on it as soon as possible but it is advised to not do that without doing proper due diligence. It would seem like perfect at first but with further investigation, it would turn out to be really bad decision.

  • Buying the property without visiting it personally.

This is another big mistake that people often make. One aspect of real estate investment that everyone should know is that the property doesn’t look as good as its shown in the pictures almost all the time. So visiting the property is a must before buying it.

  • Throwing everything into the deal.

Always has a backup. Throwing every penny in the deal would have drastic effects on your life and in most cases, it reacts in a bad way so avoid doing that and have a percentage of the savings as a reserve in case something goes wrong.

There also needs to be great emphasis laid upon risk factors before investing in any real estate property. Below is a list of some of them.


3 Major Risk Factors in Real Estate purchase

  1. Debt Risk

The biggest risk of them all is Debt risk. This is also one of the most occurring ones in this field as people underestimate the cost and often place debts on a property.

  1. Market Risk

This is a risk which is unseen by the average investor in recent years. This risk is a result of bigger shape shift in the economy and often lead to the loss of investors.

  1. Leasing Risk

Time is a very important constraint while leasing a property and as time goes on there are certain changes in the market which are hard to foresee. This often results in a loss as lease occurs at a lower rate than the sponsor anticipated in most cases.


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