How Do I Find the Best Property Manager? What are the Qualities of a Good Property Manager?



How Do I Find the Best Property Manager? What are the Qualities of a Good Property Manager?

The property market has always been one of the hottest markets in long run. The market is flooded with potential buyers in big and small cities. People tend to buy multiple properties in order to make big profits and build a stable financial portfolio.

But what comes with big profits is the hectic schedule of managing them. The best option to cope with this situation is to hire a property manager who can handle all your properties for you.

A property manager is someone who manages all the property related issues like finding and managing tenants, dealing with their complaints, repairing work and more with precision.

But finding a good property manager is no easy task. As a property owner, you always want your property to be in safe hands. So, How do you find the best property manager? Well, some of the general ideas are the following:

  1.    Referrals.
  2.    Online research.
  3.    Contacting different property management agencies.
  4.    Newspapers and magazines.

These methods can help you in finding a property manager, but they do not guarantee to provide the best one. It is always up to a person to look for the best property manager who can give them the assurance of a safe management.


Here are some qualities to look for in a property manager before hiring him/her to manage your property for you:


  1.    Work Experience

This is one of the most important factors. Before hiring the property manager, you should find out how many properties he/she has handled in the past. A property manager should also be comfortable in handling troubled properties. You should also check the knowledge of the manager regarding the local real estate rules and operating procedures.


  1.    The approach of an investor

A property manager should be familiar with the market trends to take important decisions regarding the property. He/she should know basic terms like NPV (net present value), IRR (internal rate of returns). The basic knowledge of these terms will help in making decisions like offering rent concessions, what is the demand in the market, and how you can increase the value of your property.


  1.    Excellent Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are very important to attract new tenants and building strong relations with the potential tenants. A manager with good communication skills reduces the probability of disputes with the tenants.


  1.    Patient

The property manager should have a patient mind. There are situations when he/she has to deal with the unmanageable tenants, behind schedule contractors and more. All these things can make the whole scene stressful at times for a manager.


  1.    Versatile to handle every situation

A property manager should have an intelligent and versatile approach to handle different situations. The person should be adaptive enough to tackle any difficulties whether in handling the tenants, trades or any documentation related work.


  1.    Professional approach

Being patient at one point and aggressive at the other requires high professionalism. The person should be able to deal with everybody including contractors, tenants and potential buyers in a balanced way.


These qualities can really help you in finding the best manager for your property. Other than the above-mentioned qualities you should also look at factors like cost, commitments, and flexibility. A property manager should be very much comfortable in handling all type of properties like condos, single houses, apartments, and commercial.



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