How to increase the sale price of you home?

Toronto home

Every Toronto home owner who decides to sell their home will want to sell quickly and to pull in the maximum price possible. While there are plenty of marketing strategies, one of the most tried and true ways which have always worked is getting your home staged by a professional. Almost every real estate agent in Toronto would recommend their clients to get their home staged before listing their property on the market for sale. You can consider it as just another cost which can be added along with real estate agents commission, lawyer fees to closing cost.

How does it work?

Depending on the listed price of your home, 1-3% is your home staging cost. For example, if your home is listed for $800,000, you could be spending around $8,000 to $24,000. This money spent in upgrading is nothing considered to the competition you might face in the neighborhood. According to the National Association of Realtors, 1% to 3% investment in professional home staging can bring in 8 to 10% increase in sale price. This 1%-3% of listed price typically includes – De-cluttering, neutralizing colors, optimizing use of space by making it more functional; minimizing flaws and highlighting traits and improving the overall appearance.

If this list of needed upgrades scare you, keep in mind that you’re most likely to get back the money with a significant amount of profit. Staging your home and expecting a better sell price is a realistic goal.

Toronto home

Final Verdict –

Although the initial cost may seem intimidating, but when you think about how much faster you can get your home off the market, it just starts making more sense. After all, nobody wants their house selling experience to be a nightmare caused by lack of preparation.


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