What Questions Should I ask at the 1st meeting of Buying or Selling Process?



What Questions Should I ask at the 1st meeting of Buying or Selling Process?

So you are ready to take one of the most significant decisions of your life! Your search to find the best house for your family is over and you are going to buy it and live there happily.

But stop! Are you totally sure about your decision? Well! If you aren’t, then there are things which you need to clarify before actually closing the deal and making your dream house yours.

While buying a house, it is very important that you know everything about it. There should be no hidden facts about the house which can make you regret your decision in the future.

So, here is a sequence of questions which you can ask the seller to know your new house a little better and close the most important deal of your life.

What is the history of the house?

This is the first question you should ask the seller. As a buyer, you should know previous sales history of the house. This will give you an idea of the future of your property. You can see the prices directly on the property listing sites or you can directly ask the current owner, also city has a record of previous sales for the property.

Why are the present owners leaving the property?

This is very important questions to know if the current owner of the property is moving due to some issue with the property, then you should definitely rethink your plans. Don’t be shy to ask the question as the decision will directly affect your future.  The sellers are not always truthful so asking the neighbours about the property can help you clarify the reason behind the move.

Property Taxes

The knowledge of the property taxes is very important while deciding the offer price. You can ask the seller or get details from the listing. Though the value of the property taxes depends on various factors it can still give you a general idea about making your offer to the seller.  Also if the taxes are too high then it will have a negative effect on overall property value. Taxes can be challenged if the evaluation of the value by city is not accurate.


What is the Monthly Maintenance Cost?

Find out every basic detail about the house or the condo like the average monthly charges of different supplies like electricity, gas, water, and more. The knowledge of these small things will give you an idea of the monthly cost you will have to spend for maintenance if you buy this property.

Are there any parking restrictions around the house?

If you are one of those people who organize social functions frequently then you should definitely ask the seller this question. You should know the number of the parking permits you are allowed as the homeowner. You should also know how many permits are available to you in case of an emergency.

What is the back up of a broken pipe situation?

Some people may think of it as irrelevant but to your surprise, there is a huge amount of data that shows that a broken pipe is one of the major causes of higher maintenance expenses. You should inquire about this, and also inquire if there is any back up or contingency in case of an emergency.

Is there any stigma attached to the property?

You should ask the seller if there is anything unusual related to the house like any crime incident or any death. These inquiries will help you to avoid any future disturbances from the police and also ensure that the price of the house is not effected in a negative way.

So, these questions can really help you in finding the best house for you and your family. Also, with the answers to these questions, there is only one thing you need to concentrate on, finding a house that your family loves with the help of a professional negotiator.





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